We are TEMPO, the international Federation of Film Editors Associations. 

Our aim is to bring together editors from around the world.


We provide a platform for film editors organizations, associations, guilds, and their members, to collaborate, to support and inspire each other, and to strengthen the standing of our beloved field of expertise.


The idea for this umbrella organization was born at the 2018 International Film Editors Forum, during the Filmplus Festival – now EDIMOTION – in Cologne, Germany, and TEMPO was founded during the 2019 edition of that festival.


Membership of TEMPO is open to any guild, union, or honorary society that exclusively represents film editors, from any country or continent.


TEMPO Sessions  

Editing the international narrative series 


Monday, 18/1/2021 18:00 UCT


On our first ever international TEMPO Sessions zoom panel, editor Charles Godin will discuss the art, craft, politics and technology of editing a highly acclaimed international TV.streaming series.

With the editors of INTO THE NIGHT ( Belgium, NETFLIX ),
DARK (Germany, USE, NETFLIX ) and

TEHRAN (Israel, Greece, Apple TV)


For TEMPO members only

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The association aims to:

  • Strengthen the standing of our profession in the audiovisual industry.

  • Lift public awareness of our profession.

  • International Editing Awards.

  • Set international standards for working conditions.

  • Actively promote fairness and equality in diversity policies.

  • Conserve, maintain and develop the spirit of unity and solidarity between editors around the world.

  • Supply a platform for international cooperation and communication among the member organizations.

  • Benefit from each other's experiences on running our organizations.

  • Inspire each other to support and educate our members on creative, social and legal matters.


We call all the associations, guilds, unions and honour societies to share this information about TEMPO and join us in this common dream.

Guilds and organizations

Already committed

AEA - Austrian Editors Association (Austria)
AMC - Associazione Montaggio Cinematografico e Televisivo (Italy)

AMC - Associação dos Montadores de Cinema (Brasil)

AMAE - Asociación de Montadores Audiovisuales de España (Spain)

AMMAC - The Catalan Audiovisual Editors Association (Spain)
BE Montage - Association of Belgian Editors (Belgium)
BFS - Bundesverband Filmschnitt Editor e.V. (Germany)

CCE - Canadian Cinema Editors - Les Monteurs de Cinema Canadien  
Dansk Filmklipperselskab - Society of Danish Film Editors (Denmark)
EDA - Asociación Argentina de Editores Audiovisuales (Argentina)

EDT - Associação de Profissionais de Edição Audiovisual (Brasil)
FCE - Finnish Cinema Editors (Finland)
HSE - Hungarian Society of Film and Video Editors (Hungary)

EGIL - Israel Editors Guild (Israel)
LMA - Les Monteurs Associés (France)
NCE - Nederlandse Vereniging van Cinema-Editors (The Netherlands)
NFK - Norske Filmklippere (Norway)

PSM - Polskie Stowarzyszenie Montażystów (Poland)

SAGE - The South African Guild of Editors (South Africa)

SCEV - La Sociedad Cinematográfica de Editores de Venezuela 
SSFV - Schweizer Syndikat Film und Video (Switzerland)

SFK - Föreningen Sveriges Filmklippare (Sweden)

board of directors

1st Chairperson
Job ter Burg

2nd Chairperson
Alexander Berner


Board Members
Alain Dessauvage
Baptiste Saint-Dizier
Giusy Naitana
Maria Grazia Pandolfo
Mercedes Oliveira


TEMPO was founded on Saturday 26 October 2019 at Edimotion Festival (ex FilmPlus) in Cologne.

© 2019 - Tempo.   Heinrich-Roller-Str.23, Berlin, Germany 10405