Walter Murch on editing Coup 53

February 17, 2023

The South African Guild of Editors hosted American film editor, director, writer and sound designer, Walter Murch. Murch spoke about editing documentary Coup 53 (2019), co-written with director Taghi Amirani.  Coup 53 is the story of America and Britain overthrowing democracy in Iran in 1953, told in extraordinary detail using never before seen footage and documents. Brought to life with a unique and mesmerizing performance by Ralph Fiennes.Walter Murch is best known for his work as a film editor and sound designer for modern cinema. An Academy Award winner, he has worked on films including Apocalypse Now, The Godfather: Part II and The English Patient. His editing theory has influenced filmmakers all over the world. 

Watch here.

Walter Murch on editing <em>Coup 53</em>