Laura Basombrio wins Best Editing at Mar del Plata

November 17, 2023

EDA is pleased to announce the winner of its Best Editing Award for the International Competition of the 38th Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina). An international jury composed by Mariana Quiroga (EDA, Argentina), Adriana Martínez (AMAEE, Mexico) and Gina Giudiccelli (ADEA, Dominican Republic) has selected Souls (Las Almas, Argentina) a feature film directed and edited by Laura Basombrio (EDA).

The statement from the jury states, “Because of its editing, an oniric, mystic, deeply personal and universal experience is crafted, where intimate storytelling merges with the majestic landscapes of Salta and the score that seems to replicate the sound of the stars. It is specifically within the magic of this universe, created only through the art of editing, that we finally understand that the tale of its main character is also the universal history of the feminist movement. Despite the existent patriarchal oppression, they will find a way to stop silencing their voices and continue the fight for real gender equality.”

The International Competition list also included the following features:
Animal | Humano / Human | Animal (Spain, Italy, Mexico) – Edited by Enrico Giovannone
Arthur & Diana (Germany) – Edited by Sara Summa
Elena Sabe / Elena Knows (Argentina) – Edited by Ana Remon (SAE)
Kinra / Motherland (Perú) – Edited by Fabiola Sialer
LaRoy (USA) – Edited by Sebastian Mialik
Mimang (South-Korea) – Edited by Lee Hoseung
No voy a pedirle a nadie que me crea / I Don’t Expect Anyone to Believe Me (Mexico) – Edited by Yibran Asaud
Partió de mí un barco llevándome / A Boat Departed from Me Taking Me Away de Cecilia Kang (Argentina, Singapor) – Edited by Geraldina Rodríguez (SAE)
Seagrass (Canada) – Edited by Shun Ando and Kane Stewart
UBU (Portugal) – Edited by Paulo Abreu and Ricardo Freitas

The award consists of a perpetual AMC license, courtesy of and @avidlatam, as well as an EDA distinctive figure, designed specifically for this special award. Congratulations to all of the participants and, especially, to the winner.

Editing team:
Editing: Laura Basombrío (EDA)
Editing consultant: Lucía Torres Minoldo (EDA)
Additional Editing consultant: Hernán Roselli

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Laura Basombrio wins Best Editing at Mar del Plata