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HFM – Društvo hrvatskih filmskih montažera

Croatian Film Editors is a professional association that gathers film and TV editors. The main goal of the association is to strengthen the… Read More

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JSE – Japan Society of Editors

We are the “Japan Society of Editors(J.S.E.)” in JAPAN. Gathering freelance editors, they established J.S.E in January 1983. In 1995 the organization became incorporated. Read More

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MPEG – Motion Picture Editors Guild

Motion Picture Editors Guild, IATSE Local 700, has secured wages, benefits and safety for US film and TV professionals for more than 80 years… Read More

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NCE – Nederlandse vereniging van Cinema-Editors

The NCE (Netherlands Association of Cinema Editors) was established as a society for film editors, to meet and inspire each other. Its aim is to… Read More

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