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It has been almost a year since we assembled in Cologne during the Filmplus Festival at the International Film Editors Forum, where we created the idea of an umbrella body to give international film editor organisations and their members, a platform : to work together;

to exchange information; to support each other and to synchronise efforts to strengthen the standing of our beloved field of expertise. TEMPO - Federation of Film Editors Associations e.v. is the result, and will channel the efforts of our organisations.

Members of TEMPO can be any guild, union or honorary societies

representing exclusively the interests of film editors worldwide.



The purpose of the association is:

-    To strengthen the standing of our profession in the film industry.

-    To lift public awareness of our profession.

-    To set international standards for working conditions.

-    To actively promote fairness and equality in diversity policies.

-    To conserve, maintain and develop the spirit of unity and solidarity experienced at                    Filmplus 2018 in Cologne.

-    To supply a platform for international cooperation and communication among the                    member organisations.

-    To benefit from each other's experiences on running our organisations, acquiring new              members and finding funding.

-    To inspire each other to support and educate our members on creative, social and legal          matters.



We did it ! TEMPO has been founded on Saturday 26th of October 2019 at the Filmplus Festival in Cologne. Guilds and organisations that have already committed are, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Finland,France, Germany, Hungary, Italy,The Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.

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